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I recently discovered a beautiful poem:  When you are in doubt, be still, and wait;When doubt...
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Think Twice Before Using the Word “You”
Have you ever considered how the use of pronouns like “you” impact your message? In his book Magic...
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Five Tips for Enhancing Video Communication
Recently, I created a video for my ombuds colleagues demonstrating how to customize Ombuds Day images...
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Two Steps to Establish Boundaries and Preserve Your Mental Health
Yesterday, October 10th 2023, was world mental health day. I spent my day thinking about one area of...
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Gossip 1
The Three Question Rule 
What are three things emotionally intelligent people ask themselves before saying anything?  Does...
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The Perhaps Surprising Influence Nouns Have on Behavior
Communicating well often equates to more desirable outcomes. While I myself often preach that it’s not...
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Blog 9.7
How to Be Resilient Without Becoming Positively Toxic
Resilience often centers around one’s ability to have a positive mindset about life challenges.  The...
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Align Your Actions with Your Values
This summer I noticed myself feeling overwhelmed and burned out. I spoke with many of my colleagues who...
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Brownies Make Everything Better
Ombuzz is all about providing tips, tools and strategies to help people navigate conflict, improve communication...
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Stoic Guidance for Handling Workplace Conflict
Recently, while walking through a local bookstore, I stumbled upon a book titled Stoic Wisdom, which...
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Consider This Before You Quit
There are many factors people consider when deciding whether to stay in their current job or to quit....
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resilience elisa
Resilience Building Tips: Channeling Success
Resilience can be defined as the ability to bounce back, withstand, recover, and grow when faced with...
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Gossip #10
How to Use Gossip as a Catalyst for Positive Change
Gossip is everywhere. In fact, research shows that 65% of people’s conversations could be defined as...
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Bina's post
The Power of Micro-affirmations: How Leaders Can Recognize Value
Think about standing in the spotlight. Envision yourself standing in this position all the time, every...
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Four Tips For Handling Conflict with Dignity
As a lifelong educator, and now an ombuds of almost eight years, I have always been a huge proponent...
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women sitting on chairs inside a room
Speaking with Authenticity: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever
So you’re scheduled to give a big talk to a group of people you respect. You’ve got to come up with something...
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Person making a presentation
Public Speaking: What You Need to Succeed (Part I)
Are you new to public speaking, or looking to enhance your expertise? In our latest Ombuzz post, University...
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Four Ways to Work with Silence
Many of our blog posts focus on what to say and how to say it. In this post, I will highlight when it...
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Avoid Unnecessary Conflict by Using These Phrases Instead
In the workplace, we all hope to make people feel better when they surface concerns and issues. Our intent...
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Conflict Tips Through the Lens of Science and Nature (Part 2 of 2)
Series Intro:  Lately I’ve come across multiple articles in the press showing how much science...
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image - 2023-03-20T120138
Conflict Tips Through the Lens of Science and Nature (Part 1 of 2)
Lately I’ve come across multiple articles in the press showing how much science and nature have to teach...
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image - 2023-03-20T121306
Be Like Abe: Effectively Use Humor to Diffuse Conflict and Tension
We’ve all heard the proverb; laughter is the best medicine. That’s because it relieves stress, elevates...
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image - 2023-03-20T122143
The Science Behind Kindness: Why Kindness Matters in the Workplace
Happy new year to all! New beginnings and new opportunities abound and I believe it is the perfect time...
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image - 2023-03-20T125925
Harnessing Resilience in an Uncertain World: Fostering Resilience in Others (Part 3 of 3)
Introduction The year 2022 has been a transitionary year. We’ve emerged from the isolation of a global...
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