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Harnessing Resilience in an Uncertain World: Activating Resilience Within Ourselves (Part 2 of 3)

Introduction The year 2022 has been a transitionary year. We’ve emerged from the isolation of a global pandemic and moved forward, courageously, to design a new normal. We have felt and expressed fear and gratitude, sorrow and laughter, and the full spectrum of human emotion. We have, at times, been energized and then equally exhausted. …

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Baffle the Anxious Brain

Covid. Finals Week. Annual Evaluations. Debt Collectors. Internet Down. Zoom Meetings. Honor Code Violation. Any particular feelings pop up when you read these phrases? Excited to read more of this post? If not, I completely understand. However, I promise I won’t use these phrases again. These words are triggers making many of us feel unsettled, …

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What is this feeling?!

I recently facilitated a team building meeting in person for the first time since March 2020. I have worked with groups by facilitating conflict, team building, engaging in change management, facilitating strategic planning and decision making… and on and on… for the past 10 years. I have built a familiarity and comfort working with groups …

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Implementing Transition Plans Thoughtfully

“Sometimes when I run transition management workshops for organizations, I ask people to rearrange themselves in a circle by birthday and then use their new configuration to divide up in small working groups,” describes William Bridges, author of Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change. Bridges says he does this to allow people to experience …

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A Little Bit of Honey

Building and maintaining professional relationships brings a sense of satisfaction and joy to your career. What are you doing to further and maintain the relationships in our professional sphere? Today’s #Ombuzz post shares some reflections and tips as Org Ombuds gather and connect during the 16th Annual International Ombuds Association Conference #IOA2021

Want to Improve Your Work Culture? Adopt a Ritual!

Why do we gather together to remember a loved one when they’ve died?  Why do we say vows at a wedding?  Why do we give toasts at Thanksgiving?  These are all examples of rituals we regularly participate in, often without thinking.  They are part of our culture and are a physical representation of the psychological …

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Learning From Our Elders

As Ombuds we have heard from numerous individuals doing their best to navigate these interesting, challenging, unique times. Many have handled the situation with minor setbacks and concerns. Some experienced  sadness, isolation, loneliness and frustration while others expressed fear, confusion and forms of grief. Because Ombuds are not therapists, we offer appropriate assistance and refer …

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Practicing Self-Kindness in Our New Reality

What we can do to acknowledge where we are, get unstuck and work towards moving forward. Currently, we are several phases into the COVID-19 crisis. Even so, the truth is that we are still experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions and thoughts depending on where we are personally at: physically, mentally and emotionally. We may feel …

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