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The Power of the Intentional Pause

Have you ever been shocked or surprised about what is being said during a work meeting and not sure how to respond? If so, this blog post from CU Ombuds Melissa Connell is for you! In less than 5 minutes you can utilize the 3-step Intentional Pause which allows for space and an appropriate response while maintaining a positive working relationship with your colleagues.

3 Tips to Ending Endless Conversations

A department chair came to our office complaining about their faculty meetings and asking for some help. The chair felt like they would discuss a topic in one meeting and be done with the issue only to have someone bring it up again in the next meeting as if the conversation was still open and …

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Baffle the Anxious Brain

Covid. Finals Week. Annual Evaluations. Debt Collectors. Internet Down. Zoom Meetings. Honor Code Violation. Any particular feelings pop up when you read these phrases? Excited to read more of this post? If not, I completely understand. However, I promise I won’t use these phrases again. These words are triggers making many of us feel unsettled, …

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Why it is Important to Embrace the Mess!

My friend is a home contractor. Clients once called him and said, “We need you to fix our kitchen cabinets.” During the walk through, my friend identified that the cabinets aren’t the problem. The problem is underneath the floor. If they want to eliminate the issues going forward, they need to address that and the …

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