The Power of the Intentional Pause

Have you ever been shocked or surprised about what is being said during a work meeting and not sure how to respond? If so, this blog post from CU Ombuds Melissa Connell is for you! In less than 5 minutes you can utilize the 3-step Intentional Pause which allows for space and an appropriate response while maintaining a positive working relationship with your colleagues.

Organizational Ombuds: A Valuable Resource for Addressing Sexual Harassment

This past spring, Elizabeth “Liz” Hill, Associate Director, University of Colorado Boulder Ombuds Office, had the pleasure of interviewing Shereen Bingham, Professor Emeritus and former Ombuds at the University of Nebraska Omaha, about the Journal of the International Ombuds Association (JIOA) Special Issue on Sexual Harassment and Discrimination. Shereen served as Guest Editor of the …

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What is this feeling?!

I recently facilitated a team building meeting in person for the first time since March 2020. I have worked with groups by facilitating conflict, team building, engaging in change management, facilitating strategic planning and decision making… and on and on… for the past 10 years. I have built a familiarity and comfort working with groups …

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Radical Candor

It’s that season again, where confusion abounds, anxiety is high, and frustration is available to all! Nope, not talking about spring…it’s performance evaluation season (cue the applause and jubilation)!  In a recent survey I conducted with a school on campus, here were some of the descriptors about performance evaluations: ‘waste of time,’ ‘doesn’t help me …

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Why it is Important to Embrace the Mess!

My friend is a home contractor. Clients once called him and said, “We need you to fix our kitchen cabinets.” During the walk through, my friend identified that the cabinets aren’t the problem. The problem is underneath the floor. If they want to eliminate the issues going forward, they need to address that and the …

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A Little Bit of Honey

Building and maintaining professional relationships brings a sense of satisfaction and joy to your career. What are you doing to further and maintain the relationships in our professional sphere? Today’s #Ombuzz post shares some reflections and tips as Org Ombuds gather and connect during the 16th Annual International Ombuds Association Conference #IOA2021

Getting What You Want Through Intentional Communication

Getting to know Nonviolent Communication, Part 1 As a conflict resolution practitioner, I regularly see people reacting toward, withdrawing from, or attacking others when they feel they are in conflict. Then, when the other person responds either poorly, or not at all, to those tactics, the conflict escalates. It is amazing how ineffective these approaches …

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