Five Tips for Enhancing Video Communication

Recently, I created a video for my ombuds colleagues demonstrating how to customize Ombuds Day images in Canva. It reminded me that videos are a versatile and powerful medium for communication. In these digital days, people use videos for entertainment, education, marketing, communication, social media, training, documentation, storytelling, instructional manuals, and more. The use of videos for communication are continually evolving with technological advancement and changing social trends.

Next time you use video, consider the following five tips: 

  1. Plan:
    • Determine your message and the specific purpose of your video. Are you informing, educating, entertaining, or persuading?
    • Create an outline or loose script. It should be logical and organized. 
    • Simplify language to a 6th grade level. 
    • Choose the right length. Attention spans are short and shrinking!
    • Know your audience. 
  2. Quality Production:
    • Ensure good lighting, clear sound, and high-resolution visuals.
    • Use natural light when possible. 
    • Eliminate background noise and distractions. 
    • Don’t read. 
  3. Practice:
    • Hit record, run through it, watch, and repeat until it feels and sounds natural and authentic. 
    • Enunciate. 
    • Look into the camera. 
  4. Editing:
    • Edit your video for a polished look. Remove any unnecessary content and add transitions, music, and graphics as needed.
    • There are many free video editing tools available. Adobe Premiere Rush and iMovie are great for Mac users. Clipchamp is the official video editor for Windows. 
  5. Distribution:
    • Share your video on appropriate platforms to reach your intended audience. 

Effective video communication involves a combination of planning, creativity, and continuous improvement. Adapt your approach based on feedback and evolving trends in video content.

What would you add?

By: Elizabeth Hill, Associate Director, University of Colorado Ombuds Office and co-editor of Ombuzz

Written with the help of ChatGPT and Natalie Armstrong-Motin’s October 16, 2023 Marketing Monday video 8 Tips for Mediators to Create High Quality Videos

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