Resilience Maps: A Tool to Help Re-Stabilize During Times of Distress

Ombuzz posts have touched on the topic of resilience: the ability to recover quickly from difficulties. On September 23, 2020, Lisa Neale provided tips for Using Mindfulness to Increase Our Resilience Quotient and on March 5, 2021, Melissa Connell shared insight and resources for navigating challenging times through the lens of stress resilience

Today, I bring you a lesson from Vik Kapoor’s book First Serve Yourself inviting you to develop and map out your very own self care plan aka resilience map. It can be a written list, treasure map, infographic, vision board or bullet points on a post it note. Anything that reminds you of your self-care strategies when you need them most. It takes only minutes.

Step 1: Think of all the things that make you feel better.

Step 2: Write them down.

Step 3: Refer to it as needed.

An image of Vik’s resilience map:

Learn more about First Serve Yourself and glean additional strategies from the author himself HERE.

By: Elizabeth Hill, Associate Director, University of Colorado Boulder Ombuds Office

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